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If you’re looking for free ESL Lessons, you’ve come to the right place. Years ago, when I compiled Enjoy English, which is based on a series of ESL lessons I authored while teaching in China, I never dreamed they would become so widely distributed and used around the world. From classrooms to one-on-one tutoring to Sunday school classes, these ESL lessons never grow old and are appropriate for a wide variety of age groups. I’ve even used them with native English speakers and gotten great results!

These ESL lessons can be quickly printed and distributed to each student or you can throw them up on a projector in your classroom. Each ESL lesson should provide at least a solid hour of learning and discussion. Enjoy English was written to engage ESL students and promote critical thinking skills.

My ESL students always love the stories which are relevant in many cultures. These ESL lessons were the highlight of my classroom activities. My students would even take the lessons home with them to continue the discussion with their friends and memorize the new ESL words.

So give my free ESL lessons a whirl in your classroom and let your students Enjoy English for themselves!

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