Hunting for a China Teaching Job

People have a hard time with this step. Why? I have no idea. It is really very simple. Get on the internet, open up your favorite browser, type in or and search for “Teach English in China,” “Teaching jobs in China,” “English job listings in China,” or other variations. It’s that easy! When you hit ’search’ you will be presented with thousands of results but remember that many available jobs are listed multiple times throughout the web.

There are basically four types of job listings:

1. Jobs listed by professional recruiters who charge multiple schools for their services. Some of these guys (and gals) are a bit shady but they can also be helpful. If you contact a recruiter always make sure you end up talking with the actual school they represent as well.

2. Jobs listed by professional recruiters who charge YOU for their services. My advice is to stay away.

3. Jobs listed by the education arm of the Chinese government. This is how I got my first job. These people are usually professional and most likely, the schools they represent are legitimate. You can usually recognize these types of jobs by looking at the email address or signature which will contain some reference to “foreign experts” etc.

4. Job postings listed by the schools themselves. I think that these types of job listings are the best way to go. There is no middleman involved. You talk directly with the school (often there is someone who is in charge of foreign teachers) which means there is far less miscommunication and a much faster process.

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