Learn about China

You need to do some research on China, especially if you are planning on living there for a year. Don’t worry! You don’t need to memorize the Chinese dynasties or anything. Just spend a few hours at your local library or on the internet becoming familiar with different parts of China. If you see a place or a name which interests you, write it down somewhere so you can search for it later when you are looking for a job.

For example–

Xian – home of the Terracotta Warriors, ancient wall, hot in summer, cold in winter, seems like a place I might enjoy living in.

Shenzhen – A sprawling metropolis in the South of China. Close to the water, tropical climate, modern city. It’d be fun to live near the beach.

Chonqing — On the Yangtze River, beautiful scenery, famous for spicy food. I like the idea of living so close to the river.

No matter what cities you happen to come across in your little “research” project, you are sure to see them again when you go to search for a job.

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