Sorting through Jobs in China

Start by choosing 5 or 6 listings which appeal to you and write down the basic information in a Word or notepad file. You can also save these pages to your “Favorites.”

Take a closer look at these jobs with the following pointers in mind:

1). When is the job being offered? You may be looking to take a job during the winter but the job won’t be available until the Fall.

3). What are the qualifications? Do you need to have a degree? Are they only looking for females or for a certain age range?

2). Where is the job located? Is it in a big city or a small city? This is important to know for later when you are considering the salary package. What is the climate like? Does it rain alot? Will you like the weather conditions?

3). How many hours or classes are you required to teach every week? Make sure you note the difference between class periods (usually 40-50 minutes) and hours. Can you leave while you are not teaching or do you have to stay at school all day?

4). Do you have any guaranteed days off every week? Do you have to work overtime? If you work overtime, how much per hour will be paid to you for those extra services?

5). What is included in the benefits package? Will the school reimburse your airfare? Do they provide a working visa? Do they give you an apartment? Is food included? How many days off do you receive during a one year contract?

6). What age group will you be teaching? Only primary school kids? Just adults? Both?

7). What are other people saying about this school or organization? Use the search engines to find out the answer to this question.

Most likely, a listing will not answer all of these questions. Just make sure you ask them after you have established communication with the school.

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