Making the Big Decision about Accepting a China Teaching Job

So let’s say you have found a school you really like. And, they like you too. They want to hire you! Now what?

1). Read what others are saying about the school on the Internet. Try to read between the lines. There are bad teachers out there who constantly whine about their schools. Just try to get a general feeling for what others think. If there are multiple teachers who have had serious issues with the school (such as late salary payments, lousy living conditions, etc) then you should reconsider your choice. However, if there is one teacher who is complaining because he thought the principal was an “***hole”, you might want to take this with a grain of salt. Bosses are bosses all over the world. They aren’t always the most pleasant people to deal with.

2). Look at the school’s website (if they have one). Most schools only have Chinese websites but at least you can view some pictures and confirm the school actually exists. You should also try to make direct contact with the school by phone if possible.

3). Ask questions! If you have a doubt make sure you address it. Don’t wait until you arrive to sort it out.

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