Applying for a Job in China

Now it’s time to start applying to schools. Here are the key components to success during the application process:

1). You need to have a well functioning email address which contains your name somewhere in the address. I would suggest you set up a separate email address just for communicating with schools, especially if your present email address is full of messages and/or spam. Use an email address which is easy to remember and that will allow the schools to identify you during the application process. If you name is Trevor Smith, for example, an good email address would be [email protected]. No matter what email address you use, make sure you know where the Bulk/Trash folder is, as emails with proposed contracts attached will often end up in these folders.

2). Have a current resume/CV on hand for the schools to look at. Your resume should include your relevant experience, your educational background, any special qualifications that you might have and a list of your past jobs. References may be helpful but in many cases they are not necessary.

3). Write a good cover letter. In addition to sending your resume, you need to introduce yourself and showcase your skills and qualifications. This letter is important because it will give a school their first impression of you. Be careful not to make wild promises about how you will “be the greatest teacher world” or how the school just “has to hire you.” Briefly discuss why you want to teach in China and give a quick synopsis of any relevant experience you have. Also mention in your cover letter when you could start teaching and for how long you would like to stay.

4). Many schools will require you to send a recent photo of yourself along with a scan of your passport and any other relevant documents. In my experience, the best way to send these documents is to upload them to a website and simply link to them in your email account. This will also give your letter a better chance of making it through “spam filters” as it will have nothing attached to it.

You can use the same cover letter and the same resume for all prospective employees. Simply save a draft of your cover letter in your email client and bring it back up when you are ready to apply to another school.

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