ESL Classroom

How to maintain order in your ESL classroom

The first few weeks of teaching English are fun and exciting. Students will stand up and clap as you enter and give you gifts as you leave. Teachers will shake your hands and administrators will take you out to fancy dinners.

You will think the students and staff are transfixed by every word that leaves your mouth. Your lessons will be acclaimed as brilliant and you will be asked to give advice to the native Chinese teachers about their lessons.

Everyone will watch you and everything you do will be considered interesting and funny.

Enjoy those first few weeks while you can!… Read the rest

ESL Job Tips

Can Non-Native English Speakers Teach in China?

Non-native speakers of English who want to teach in China will find their options are more limited.

Sad but true, foreign teachers in China are often hired based on looks with a much lower emphasis placed on actual teaching skill.

Many schools will only hire teachers who look like they are from the West (or Australia and New Zealand). In the school administration’s way of thinking, employing a blue eyed, blonde hair foreigner is going to garner more attention for the school than hiring someone from Africa, Central and South America, or elsewhere in Asia. In addition, schools are wary of hiring non native speakers because they want their students to learn the native accent of a Western Country.… Read the rest