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ESL Discussion Topic – UFO’s and Aliens

Level: Intermediate & Advanced

This is an interesting topic because every country has stories about Unidentified Objects and strange men.

Warmup: Print off a news article about a UFO sighting. Ask the students to read the article and discuss new vocabulary.

What to talk about:

  • Have you ever seen a UFO? (Remind them that UFOs can be anything that can’t be identified
  • Do you think humans are the only living beings in the Universe?
  • How would you feel if you found out you are not alone in the Universe?
  • Do government know more about UFO’s than they are letting on?
  • What is the meaning of aliens?
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ESL Ideas

ESL Conversation Topic – Random Questions

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to lead a ESL topic discussion so I will resort to using a series of random questions which can be discussed amongst my students. After all, the purpose of an ESL conversation class is to get your students talking.

Warmup: Divide students into groups of two and hand out a copy of the following questions to each group. Tell them they will have 20 minutes to discuss the questions amongst themselves. After the discussion, you will reconvene the class to discuss the answers.

1. Talk about three problems that you have right now that you can’t solve.

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ESL Ideas

ESL Class Idea – Childhood

Level: Basic-Intermediate

This topic will likely bring some passionate responses from your students. Be compassionate and sensitive to their comments.

Questions to discuss:

  • Did you have a good or bad childhood?
  • What makes a childhood good or bad in China?
  • How do parents discipline their children in China?
  • When you have children (or if you have children), what do you do differently than your parents? What do you change?
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ESL Ideas

ESL Class Idea – Presidential Election

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

If you have the right students, holding a presidential election in your ESL Conversation Class can be a great activity! Plus, it is a good learning experience since most of your Chinese students have probably never voted.

Warmup: Explain to your students that they will┬ábe participating in a presidential election. Choose three people to run as presidential candidates and explain to them that they will need to prepare a short speech. Instruct the rest of the class to prepare questions for the candidates. At the end of the class, they will be voting for president.… Read the rest