What You Need To Transfer A Work Visa To Another Company

Recently, Robert Vance wrote an article entitled How To Quit Your ESL Job in China in which he described the best way to say goodbye to a job that you do not like or that you simply cannot continue doing due to personal reasons. While the article covered most everything you should know about leaving, heforgot to include what you should take with you when you leave, especially if you are planning on finding another teaching job in China.

 Make sure that you walk out the door with a copy of your medical certificate and a copy of your expert’s certificate. Your new company must have these copies in order to transfer your old work visa. Do not assume that your old company will just hand over these documents to your new employer (even though they are legally required to do so) in a timely manner. Recently, as I was applying for a new job, I discovered that my old company had lost my medical certificate and was having a hard time locating my expert’s certificate. It was not a matter of my old company not wanting to help me but rather a case of ‘mass disorganization.’ I had unfortunately neglected to make copies of these items and as a result, I had to go to the hospital for another physical exam and I was in danger of not being able to obtain a new work visa at all. Fortunately, my company found my expert’s certificate at ‘the last moment’ and my new company was able to put my paperwork into the government just in time. Their failure to find my medical certificate however, cost me over 500 RMB in medical expenses.

Your old company will also have to provide a ‘recommendation’ letter which includes your personal information as well as some comments about your quality of teaching. This letter can be faxed to your new company but must be later sent in the mail. As I have written about in the article about leaving your ESL job, it is important to try at least maintain some level of civility with your old company so that you can receive this on time and hopefully have a decent review. However, I have heard that if for some reason your old school ‘drags their feet’ at providing this form, there are ways to ‘get around it.’

Having a work visa transferred to a new school should be a fairly straightforward process as long as your old company is ‘on the ball.’ Just make sure that you keep a copy of your medical certificate and expert’s certificate or you may find yourself in some big trouble like I did recently.

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  1. Avishake says:

    Hi Friends,

    i am looking for your assistance, could you please somebody let me know, that my work permit has been canceled just one week ago by my boss.

    however i have visa till 16th jan 2012 so is it possible to transfer my visa to another company who wants to hire me.. without work permit only visa can be transfer??

    please friends help me…


  2. Kashmir says:

    Hi. I have a dilemma here too. I’m currently working in a training school here in China. Based from my contract, my employer will provide me with an apartment. I have been here for than a month, and unfortunately, I live with my employer. It is very difficult for me and and they are actually a couple. I tried to talk with them, they keep on promising and saying sorry. I am disspointed about this. aside fron that, they don’t provide me with a computer when it is also in my contract. I am tired of waiting and living with them is really inconvenient for me. My questions are: can i just cancel my contract with them and find another job here in China? they have given me my passport with the residence permit. I actually processed my visa in my country which is a working visa. I paid for it and actually in my contract it says that they will reimburse the visa processing provided that i show them the reciepts. they also did not do it eventhough i showed my receipt. If i want to cancel my contract with them, what must i do? where must I go? How can I tranfer to another school? i tried to call some schools and they are interested in me. what are the steps i should do to be able to work in another school? I don’t want to work in my school now since i have waited enough and they still what are written in the contract..Hope somebody can assist me and help me about this. thanks.


  3. mollyL says:

    Those are lots of hoops to have to go through. Thanks for alerting future problems. Bosses of every nationality have a way of “losing” important papers and forgetting what the rules are.


  4. Robert Vance says:


    That’s interesting. I asked for my medical certificate and they refused to give it to me after I had my examination. They said they needed to keep it. The expert’s certificate is something that they also refused to give me. They said that by law they have to keep it. Same thing with the first school that I worked for…


  5. “Make sure that you walk out the door with a copy of your medical certificate and a copy of your expert’s certificate.”

    Does your company hold this? I have both original documents at home, and my employer never asked for them ever since I started to work for them. Also my company paid for my first medical examinations; I thought most companies would do that. After all it’s just a business expense.


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