ESL Conversation Topic — Family Relations

Level : Intermediate – Advanced

Age: 13-Adult

This topic helps you to learn more about your students. It also allows you to share about differences between families in your home country and China.

Warmup: Briefly introduce your family to the students. Talk about your relationship with varous members of your family including your brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. Ask a few of the students to introduce their families as well.

Questions to discuss:

  • Why is family important?
  • How are families in China different than families in America? (you can focus on size, togetherness, and living arrangements)
  • Is it important to live near your family? Why or why not? Are families who stay together stronger?
  • Is divorce common in China? How does divorce effect families?
  • Do you have any brothers or sisters? If yes, was there competition between you and them? What is your relationship now with your siblings?
  • Are families changing in China? Is your family different than before? How?

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