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Teaching in Nanning

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Teaching in Nanning

My teaching career started with the armed services, teaching recruits the fundamental skills of being a soldier. On leaving the services I opted to continue teaching in civvy street, teaching 'Public Services', 'Sport & Leisure', 'Travel & Tourism', 'Hospitality' and 'Key Skills' up to and including level 4 qualifications. I obtained my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (P.G.C.E. - distinction) and enjoyed a number of years at the local Further Education College. Courses at the college ran subject to demand, which made life a little precarious. Consequently I moved to a more stable teaching environment, the local Grammar School. Here I am employed as an Associate Teacher (Cover Teacher), supplying tuition in a number of academic subjects as and when colleagues are absent. It is a pleasant job, which suites me just fine so I have no intention of leaving. In addition to this, I teach and assess for 'The Duke of Edinburgh's Award' to Gold standard nationally, and train junior athletes at the local athletics club. Life is grand.

However, I get 7 weeks vacation every summer, which leaves me twiddling my thumbs quite a bit. As my wife is from China, I have considered looking for summer employment in her home town; which by the way is Nanning Guangxi. Unfortunately, I have found nothing in the last two years. Most vacancies advertised in China are for full time jobs, which tend to be a lot further east. So now, rather than continue to sit and wait for something to turn up, I am going to be a little more proactive; which is where you guys come in.

I am looking for an educational establishment in or close to Nanning that would like a summer school teacher (end July, August, beginning September). Providing both parties are happy with each other, I would like to think that a working relationship could go on for many years; creating a regular event that students could look forward to. I am not looking to earn great sums, but something towards the expense of air travel would be nice. To be honest, I am inclined to want to work with less fortunate youngsters, which is obviously not where the money is. However, beggars cannot be choosers, so anything actually will be fine. Besides, if I managed to get somewhere quite prestigious that paid well, I could afford to give freely some of my time to others. So, is there anybody out there with contacts in Nanning that might like an English Teacher for the summer months? If so, do please get in touch.

Variables: Happy to work in cities further afield, providing there is a direct train link that takes only a couple of hours. It may also be possible to negotiate with my Headmaster for a further couple of weeks off in September, but the request would need to be tabled a few months in advance.

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