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I agree but you are getting a bargain!
Here in Handan, Hebei Province (and that answers the "Where are you" question) I pay all of 15 yuan - but the wash my hair before and after the haircut so maybe that is the difference!!
Cosmo (not verified)
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Ha ha, I never thought about that angle, agatha. You do avoid all the mindless chatter with this approach. I sport a baldie and a goatee and, until coming to China, had been handling my own grooming for nearly 20 years. So it's an awesome change of pace to be able to go to my favorite local salon and have their ace guy shave my head and face and shape up my goatee while I lay back and chill -- all for a whopping 8 kuai. Sweetness. And a huge difference from the 50 kuai I paid in a Hangzhou suburb. Although I did get a head, hand and upper-body massage out of the deal in that suburb. (Has anyone else had their fingers popped in that most disturbing way?) Plus they cleaned my ears. So I can't really complain. In fact, I paid more than 100 kuai for less service in pricey central Hangzhou. And they presented me with a menu that I couldn't read that offered more "services" ... but the hefty price tags on those "services" convinced me that I really didn't want to explore any of those options. I'll stick with the finger-popping, thank you very much. :-)

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