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Realizing a dream of teaching in China :)

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Realizing a dream of teaching in China :)

Hello everyone, I am 27 years old and from Denmark.

I am currently studying Chinese at Copenhagen University,but only about to finish the 1st year of my bachelor.

I would like to teach English in Jilin for half a year or a year. I would be following my girlfriend who is returning to China for a period therefore it is much preferable if I could find a job in Jilin province where she originates.  

I have searched websites like, and come to the conclusion that I need some luck and or a bit of persuasion if they are going to hire me because at the end of the day I am a non-native speaker, with no bachelor.

It is my impression that plenty of individual students want extra-schooling in English but of course without a job at a real school I have no visa very long.

I have been living in England for 1 year and I have the maximum level of college-grade english with top grades. Salary is of minor importance. I am inclined to send applications to schools even if I am not fully qualified in one way or the other.

Or do I absolutely need something else like online TEFL certificate or taking it in Beijing?

There is one particular school in Changchun city I wonder if someone knows about:

Thank you for any response, any input is greatly appreciated :)

Jon, Denmark

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How do you say "Cool" in Danish?

Welcome aboard. Keep browsing and many of you questions will be answered. There's a wealth of knowledge and experience here. It's a good place to start anyway.

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Good luck!!

I think you will find the universities will not welcome you without a degree and not being a native speaker.  Kindergartens might be worth a try, and some language schools might also hire you, but you wil not have a lot of choices I suspect.

Beryl OMonkiss
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Keep Looking

You can find a decent teaching job on the university level if you are persistent. Keep trying. Shine your resume and indicate that you have experience teaching in some sort of educational setting.

I think that some Chinese educators are beginning to see that in some cases, a European, non-native speaker has a better-than-average understanding of English because they've studied it as a foreign language themselves. I've known native speakers who couldn't teach their way out of a paper bag.

Persistence! If this is what you want to do, don't give up! 

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A non native speaker is better than no teacher. Sorry, that sounds condesending, I dont mean to sound that way. Often schools will ask for their "dream teacher" 20-35, native speaker, uni degrees, exc communicator, 10 years exp in teaching, etc etc. The bottom line is they want an English speaker to teach/talk to the students. You speak English, you have an education and you are willing to come to China, you have 3 big points going for you, apply wherever you want, dont let what they want put you off applying. They can only say "No thanks".

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In my school (it's a private

In my school (it's a private training center) there is a Dutch guy who is only about 21 years old with no degree, and is not a native speaker. He teaches at the kid's center. I think it's very possible for you to get a job here, especially if your English is relatively flawless.

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