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Famous Interviews

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This lesson is excellent for cementing the correct use of question words.

Get the students to give you all the question words (who, what, where, when, why, how) and then what they are asking for (who=person, where=place, what=thing, when=time, why=reason, how=with what - you might get 'by' as an answer for that one). 

Then explain why 'How do you think...' is the wrong answer (you think with your brain). I always say how do you write? and get the answer 'with a pen', and then expand until i ask how do you think? Then, i explain that you think with your brain, so you think of the weather...with your brain, you think of your family...with your brain etc. until they get it.

Then let them loose on the exercise, correcting as necessary. If you're really lucky, you might get a bright spark who starts correcting anyone else asking 'how do you think' by yelling out 'WITH MY BRAIN' at odd intervals :)


You can get them to be really creative if you're lucky by telling them that the interviewee must be famous for something (otherwise all the interviewees are students...). I usually use the examples 'making the biggest chocolate bar in the world' or 'eating the world's biggest hamburger'.

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