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Advice for those living or thinking of living in China. all aspects of how-to get by in China. New book published. China or Bust

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Advice for those living or thinking of living in China. all aspects of how-to get by in China. New book published. China or Bust

I have been given permission to put a note here about my new book. (Sorry I can't figure out how to add a picture here.)


China or Bust a rookies guide to living and surviving in China as an ESL teacher.

I taught in several cities in all different types of schools, from universities to private schools, so I know the ropes.  I have written a book which is about my first year living and teaching at a university in a smaller city. There are some great stories about travelling and teaching.

One of the aspects of living in China that I found hard at first was finding general basic information about daily living. For this reason I have put quite a lot of information in this book about how to get a job, visas, apartments, shopping, Chinese money, language problems, healthcare and hospitals, medicine, how to decide where to go, what to take, clothing if you are a larger size, travel and hotels etc.

I have used the name Lana Kerr for my writing because it is the English version of the Chinese name I was given by the students at Longyan, Ke Lan. I became known by this name in China. The ‘look inside’ is not yet available on the hardcopy but is there on the e-books.

Please check it out by putting the following links into your browser:

Available through Smashwords as an e-book a:


Available at as a hard copy at:


Available as an e-book on Kindle at:


 Another problem I had was finding reading for Chinese students that was not text book related. Much of the text book stuff was boring in the extreme. Few read just for fun. For this reason I am in the process of setting up a will take me a while to get lots of stories up....they can be used as lesson plans or just for reading for fun. Maybe this is something you can use too.


My book is also advertised on my website, so you can check out more details.


tintinxmu writing as Lana Kerr.






I am also setting up a website for TESOL students, with easy stories for reading. At the moment it is still being established. Each story or poem is set out as a complete lesson plan that can be used by ESL teachers. You can check it out at


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From Kookaburras to BBQ's

Let me first congratulate you on your book, Tintinxmu! I believe it would make great reading even to us who're not that unfamiliar with the culture anymore. However, my last book I ordered from Amazon has never arrived at my Chinese destination and although I got refunded, I'm a little unsure whether I should go through the effort again. But I'm tempted to order your book (although I don't fancy the name! wink).

About the website ( I like the idea of the more simpler English stories and of course, I think the vocab lists in the beginning and comprehension questions at the end are bonusses as it would just make reading so much easier for the average Chinese student (who does not have any inclination toward the reading of English). Thanx for availing it to us. I'm sure somehow one can put it to good use in the EFL environment at times.

Have you written those poems yourself?! Ha, I like the Kookaburra one (maybe as the bird reminds me so much of another similar looking bird in RSA of the woodpecker family)!

But another interesting observation was from the section on life in OZ. It's suddenly given me some perspective on the phenomenon why so many South Africans prefer Australia above any other country in the world. Amongst others, plenty of sunshine, beaches and importantly, BBQs (okay, I'm not chatting sport now as ruggas and cricket would then have been at the top of the list)! I never realized that the Aussies had that identical cultural streak! And it's not those unusual Russian or Chinese BBQs where they'd put the meat in chunks on a stick - it's REAL BBQs! You got my mouth watering by at least one of those pics! That explains so much about the real attractions to your country! Take a South African's BBQ away from him and he's no full-blooded South African anymore! But okay, back to EFL, I hope this would interest the students too about this little insight on another cultural experience (I'd like to believe so!).

Your book and website serve as further confirmation that foreigners should not be regarded as a threat to China (as some like the Yang Rui's like the Chinese to believe lately). Most foreigners are assets to this country and have very good intentions, and contributions as this enhance that fact even more. So, well done Lana Kerr (or Ke Lan)! yes

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